When Kadi contacted me and asked if I could film her wedding, I was super excited. I was also nervous! Her mom was my teacher for three years in middle school 15 years ago. Mrs. E was one of two teachers I really got a lot out of in my grade school years; not necessarily because of particular hard skills I acquired, but because of the life lessons I learned. We were given responsibility, the liberty to own projects and think critically for ourselves. I know that anyone who had Mrs. E can look introspectively and know they were given an opportunity to discover more about themselves. I was able to explore video production through yearbook commercials we came up with on our own. Above all, she genuinely cared about us. Mrs. E showed us what tough love was, and these middle school years taught me a lot about what it meant to have grit. I could go on and on. The opportunity to film her daughter's wedding was tremendous. I wanted to do the best job. I wanted to show her I turned out alright, haha! Kidding aside, I wanted to honor Mrs. E by capturing the beginning of her daughter's legacy, and the beautiful story found in this new party of three. Thanks to God for His favor and blessing over that day, as well as the dozens of vendors and family members who came together in a combined effort to make it a day we'll never forget.

Matt, Kadi & Mattie - this ones for you!