Better Together

Navigating the wedding vendor scene can be like the Wild Wild West, but it doesn't have to be!  Developing relationships and community within this industry has helped us tremendously over the years - and just as our growing network of creatives has benefited us, we openly want to share the work and contact information of some of our friends and colleagues in the industry who we've come to know and trust as the Best of the Best in terms of personality, value and workmanship within each of their crafts; but most importantly, people we've come to love as people.  

We at Hometown Crew want to extend an invitation to you in order to help you find some of the best wedding vendors in the southeast. 

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Shauna Veasey


     Funny story, Shauna was 1 of 3 photographer vendors at an experiential bridal expo known as The Big Fake Wedding.  Essentially, it's a fake wedding with real vendors functioning at the event for brides to meet and exchange contact info (kind of like this page, x1000).  Anyways, Shauna stuck out like crazy because amidst our chaotic day of being pulled and tugged by the other stressed-out photographers, Shauna was cool, collected and fun to be around!  Then I saw her booth and was floored by how incredible her work was.  It's indescribable really, so check out her site and see for yourself. 

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1st Generation Band 

Live Entertainment

     1st Generation Band was the band at my wedding, and they helped us have the time of our lives that night!  There are a lot of great bands in the southeast, but these folks will always have that #1 spot in my heart because of how well they planned and performed at our party.

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Justin Peay


     I have far too much to say about Justin.  He's an incredible human being who fights every day to hone his craft as a filmmaker.  He's a husband, father, leader, and someone I've looked up to since I started creating wedding films.  I speak for both of us when I say this is a challenging line of work, but I've seen Justin take his work to new heights since I've been shamelessly stalking his work for the past few years.  If you want to have another option for getting your wedding films made at an exceptional level of quality, please visit his site; and be amazed at what he can capture.

Finesse Band

Live Entertainment

     September 12, 2015.  I'll never forget the date.  I was attending a friend's wedding and this band blew my mind completely out of the water.  Obviously you've seen that I just plugged my wedding band as being awesome, but there's something great about having options!  Don't be fooled by their out-of-date website; this band is phenomenal, and I've never seen a band engage the audience and party harder than these guys.  Another full, confident recommendation!

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Meghan Hill


     I worked with Meg just once and she left such an impression on me that has me saying, in full confidence, that she loves what she does and is incredible at it!  Her work speaks for itself, she's a breeze to work with, and like all of our recommendations, she exudes a charming personality.  Do yourself a huge favor and add her to your list of photographers to check out.

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Laurel Avenue

Wedding Planning

     You've got a lot of work cut out for you while planning a wedding.    This group of talented individuals runs the tightest ship I've ever seen. Their ability to plan and communicate is top-notch, and their energy and execution during the day-of (when it counts!) is second to none.

Jesse Pilkenton


     I've known Jesse for a few years, and there's no denying that he posesses an incredible ability to connect with people, both interpersonally in friendship but also in business.  His company, Judah Press Entertainment, has grown substantially over the past few years, and it only makes sense because of what they bring to the table as DJs within the saturated wedding scene - they're different.  Your biggest fear in hiring a DJ is the chance of hiring a cheesy DJ - and trust me there are a lot of them.  Well, let me be the first to tell you that Jesse and his crew are about as far away from "cheesy" as you can get  - which means they're nowhere near the general vicinity of Wisconsin.  Get it?  The joke I just made? Wisconsin...cheese... it's funny because Wisconsin is known for cheese.


He's incredibly easy to talk to, so fear not and get in touch!

Lauren Carnes


     Probably... no... definitely the most energetic, punctual, enthusiastic and creatively-consistent individual in this industry we've ever met.  You just can't go wrong with Lauren because she has perfected her processes as a photographer and creative.  I tell people all the time that your photographer is one of the most critical building blocks for ensuring your day goes as planned and remains on time.  Lauren's organization, ability to adapt and work with others is a recipe for a stress-free time on your wedding day.  Having worked with Lauren multiple times as a vendor as well as a groom (she was our photographer!) - I'll just put it plainly by saying she's a 5-star addition to your wedding vendor team!