Your Day. Your Legacy.

Our Epic Grand Cinema Collection includes the ultimate variety of films designed to preserve a wider scope of content during this monumental time in both of your lives.  


Love Story

An *engagement-style session designed to capture the story of you! How you both met, the engagement itself, why your love is special - the possibilities are endless!  

This is also paired with a location shoot in an area that's special to you. 

Ceremony Film

Ceremony coverage from start to finish with low profile wireless, non-interference audio capture.  Now featuring 3 angles!

The Legacy Film

Full coverage. 

No time limits. 

The essence of your day preserved.

It's our goal to capture your day in a manner that creates a true heirloom for your future generations to witness.


Both rehearsal dinner & and reception speeches are filmed so what's said can be heard and felt for a lifetime!

First Dances

First dances are recorded with Mom, Dad and of course the lovely new married couple!