Finally.  Wedding films simplified.

    Our goal as Hometown Crew is to capture & preserve vivid recollections and the very essence of your special day at the highest quality possible using the latest technology - all while making this process the easiest part of your wedding planning experience.  After 60+ wedding films under our belts, we took a step back and realized that nearly 100% of our clients have requested, received and loved the same type of deliverable.  So for the sake of simplicity, we offer two Film Collections and a few options for customization.



Digital Master Collection

  • Ceremony Film
    • Your entire ceremony captured from start to finish with hidden, wireless audio recording and three camera angles.
  • The Legacy Film
    • 9-12 minute highlight including full day coverage on your wedding day - from hairspray until departure.  No filming time limits - that's just nonsense to us.
    • Two songs of your choice licensed from our friends at or  Check them out!
    • Special Moments - Add an extra dose of personality to your film by chatting with us individually before the big moment -  how you met, what you're excited about, or simply recording on camera how much you love each other.  These moments make your film priceless!  Other great moments to document are reading letters or vows for future generations to see.  This is what can take your film from great to incredible, and we strongly recommend considering one (or all!) of these suggestions.

Investment: 3450

Additional Information

  • Two Videographers
  • Again, no time limits
  • In-state travel included (Georgia)
  • Cinema + DSLR Cameras = RED Epic Dragon + Canon 5D Mark III
  • Digital Delivery



EPIC Grand Cinema Collection

This is our flagship all-inclusive package, extensively thought through and meticulously crafted to fully capture the larger scope of the introduction to your marriage journey.  From engagement session to rehearsal dinner until you leave the reception, we capture it all for future generations to see!

What's included:

  • "The Back Story" Engagement session (see information below)
  • Rehearsal Dinner + Speeches
  • The Legacy Film (unlimited coverage over a 48 hour time frame)
  • Ceremony Film
  • First Dances Film
  • Toast Speeches Film
  • 4k Film Production Upgrade
  • The Legacy Film
  • 40 High-Resolution Printable Stills (6144 x 3160 pixels)
  • 60 second Social Media Highlight

Investment: 6500

Additional Information

  • Two Videographers
  • In-state travel included (Georgia)
  • Full Cinematic Coverage = RED Epic Dragon (6k acquisition) + RED Scarlet Weapon (5k acquisition)
  • Digital Delivery
  • Physical Delivery: Raw Footage + Films via hard drive shipment


Á la Carte

Consider the following add-on's & stand-alone services for more customization:

  • 4k Upgrade // 850 - We'll film in a higher resolution with professional cinematography gear to shoot your whole day and deliver your films in 4k!  This camera, appropriately named the RED EPIC DRAGON, is among the newest pieces of machinery used in creating films today and captures video at 12x the resolution of a standard, commonly-used DSLR.  The DRAGON also shoots in slow motion as seen in our example work which allows us to add drama and a "cinematic feel" to your films.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Film // 950 + Travel - Relive one of the only times in your lives when all of the people near and dear to your hearts speak about their favorite memories with you, express how much you mean to them, how you've affected their lives, and how they're excited about your new futures together.  Capturing your Rehearsal Dinner is often overlooked, and it's the one thing I personally regret I didn't capture at my wedding.  Capturing these speeches also allows us to make an even more personal wedding highlight, as we can often integrate parts of these amazing moments into your Legacy Film.
  • "The Back Story" Engagement Film // 1800 + Travel -  This film can be captured in two ways: Pre-Engagement and Post-Engagement.  Pre-Engagement films include capturing the actual engagement as well as an optional interview that can be integrated into the end product.  Post-Engagement films involve shooting a more relaxed "engagement session" where we hang out and document your story in an interview-style situation.  From the interview and content, we'll create a cinematic short featuring you two as the main talent!  You can also request to have us use what we capture into the Legacy Film for an even more special, in-depth film you'll cherish for years to come.
  • Ceremony Film // 1500 + Travel - Wanting to keep things simple?  We've got you covered.
    • Toast Speeches // 150 - Capture toasts made by family and friends at the reception.
    • First Dances // 150 - Document those first special moments with mom, dad, and of course yourselves as a brand new couple.


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