Justin Peay

Southeast // Georgia

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I live in the South, but...

I prefer technology over outdoors. Techno over country. Cameras over cows. Don’t get me wrong, nature’s cool and all; there’s just too many bugs.

I believe in marriage. On October 11, 2013, I was given the privilege to donate a kidney to my wife whose kidney function dropped to eleven percent. The odds of us being a match were something like 50 million to one. Also, our transplant date was scheduled on our 5 year wedding anniversary. I know, crazy! Here, just watch the documentary.

Marriage takes work, but it also gives life.

It doesn't stop there! My wife and I were advised by her team of doctors not to have children of our own, because it was too risky. We looked into fostering and international adoption, both of which were either too expensive or would have left us wanting. We even considered risking having a child of our own, but a mere week after that discussion, we were blessed with the opportunity to adopt our first baby boy, Theo! As with everything in our lives, God knew exactly what He was doing.